Process Cases with Speed, Accuracy, and Consistency

ClaimsAssistant case management software helps you streamline the way you review, track, investigate and manage your cases in one comprehensive yet easy-to-use interface. ClaimsAsssistant captures all the key elements for case investigations by incorporating data, business rules, workflow and collaboration for efficient claims processing resulting in time savings and better business decisions.

Claims Tracking Software Process and Workflow

ClaimsAssistant Workflow Diagram

Experience the Benefits of a Centralized Database

  • Optimize staff workload with automatic case assignments
  • Automatic calculation for payments to providers and claimants base on award limits
  • Easy access to case information in a timely manner for expedited decision making
  • Facilitates coordination among stakeholders including providers, law enforcement, attorneys, and courts
  • Compliant with federal regulatory performance reporting requirements with over 40 plus reports
  • Web Services API allow for easy integration with existing enterprise applications

ClaimsAssistant simplifies the complexity of your investigations. Call us today to learn how!


Built to scale from a few users to thousands of users, ClaimsAssistant is a robust, affordable, and easy to use solution designed to last for decades. It provides the best return on your investment. Learn more about each feature below:

Excellent Ratings

Since its beginning, ClaimsAssistant has been a proven solution meeting the complex demands of criminal injury compensation programs, having managed over 1 million claims. ClaimsAssistant customers process an average of tens of thousands of claims, processing over $40 million of payments annually

.. over 1 million claims.. processing $40 million of payments annually

There are many unique features of ClaimsAssistant which greatly improved the efficiency of our claims processing.

Public Sector Customer

Excellent Rating for Quality of Service, Timeliness of Performance, Cost Control, Buusiness Relations, and Customer Satisfaction

Public Sector Customer

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